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The instability and lack of sufficient power supply in most urban areas is a major hindrance to development in most of sub-Saharan Africa. In response, large wind-powered systems have been developed to the point that they now represent a viable alternative to the use of fossil fuels for power generation.
Although wind turbines can generate as much as 3-5 MW per machine, their size precludes them from being transported and installed in much of sub-Saharan Africa. At NEW ERA ENERGY, we’ve carried out detailed cost benefit analyses and these suggest that a realistic maximum capacity for Nigerian installations is 300 kW.
We can supply 250-300 kW utility turbines arranged in a wind farm of 10-50 turbines that, combined, will generate 3-15 MW of electricity that can be fed into the local electricity grid. Due to their size, these machines work in winds of 5-7 m/s and above. They are suited to geographies that are unobstructed within a 5-10 km radius of the wind farm.
NEW ERA ENERGY provides a turnkey service that includes significant up-front design to consider site selection, optimisation of energy production, wind farm costs, turbine loads, civil works required, electrical systems, environmental factors, commissioning, operating, monitoring and maintenance plans.
Despite their size and power generating capacity, the typical maintenance time for modern utility turbines is about 40 hours per year. A typical operating and maintenance team for a wind farm of 20-30 machines can, therefore, consist of as few as three people.


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