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Even small amounts of electricity can extend everyday activities beyond daylight hours and open up many opportunities for new projects and improved services. In rural areas, schools and clinics are often the hubs of the community and supplying them with electricity provides a visible ray of hope and progress to local people.
NEW ERA ENERGY can supply advanced grid-connected wind turbines that provide a stable grid-like electric supply. This allows users to connect any normal 240V AC appliance to the standard wall sockets, including lights, computers, TVs, radios, ceiling fans and refrigerators.
Schools – Reliable and affordable energy transforms educational facilities. Ceiling fans make the heat more bearable. Classroom lighting allows the school to be open later and also to be used for other purposes in the community. Computers, printers and Internet access enable better teaching and learning facilities, as well as improving administration.
Clinics – The biggest benefit for clinics and small hospitals is continuous, reliable cold storage to keep vaccines and other medicines at a safe temperature. Lighting and electronic medical equipment improve both diagnosis and patient treatment. Computers, printers and Internet access allow remote communication for advanced diagnostic help and improve patient administration.
Barracks – Outlying police, army and other small institutional facilities can be transformed with reliable and affordable wind energy. Improved services can be offered and opening hours extended, communication is made possible and security enhanced by lighting the premises and surrounding area. Many barracks also grow a proportion of their own food, which will benefit from electrified irrigation systems.


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