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Mobile phone technology is one of the biggest and fastest-growing innovations of the last two decades. Growing demand, low handset prices and extended network coverage have brought mobile phone services to practically everyone in Africa. Mobile operators are putting in thousands of new base stations, often in remote areas that have no electricity supply or other services.
Almost all these remote and off-grid base stations are powered by diesel generators. The diesel requirements can be as much as 1,000 litres per week with the generators typically being replaced every six months. Aside from the enormous cost (direct and lost revenue) there is significant environmental impact.
The NEW ERA ENERGY Mobile Base Station system has been designed to fit the operational, financial and environmental needs of modern mobile operators and to be deployed in multiple remote locations. The system also delivers a host of additional benefits and enhancements over traditional diesel-powered systems.
The solution deploys a powerful wind turbine to fulfill the bulk of the energy requirements, in conjunction with intelligent control electronics and a substantial battery bank to supply back-up energy when necessary. An optional solar panel array can extend operation for up to two weeks of no or low winds.
The mobile base station system is fully remote controlled, allowing daily online reporting, diagnostics and integration into the mobile operators’ network operations centres.


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