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Our largest wind turbines are capable of producing hundreds of kilowatt hours of energy each day. When combined with powerful water pumping and large scale irrigation systems, the large farm infrastructure solution has the potential to revolutionise farming and agricultural practices in sub- Saharan Africa.
The vast amount of energy available can transform large farming complexes and the associated production facilities, bringing with them a wealth of benefits, including:
Improved agricultural practices  – The availability and more effective distribution of water allows a wider variety of crops to be planted and harvested; higher-value cash crops can be grown with low risk; perennial plants can be cultivated, encouraging broader agricultural biodiversity and production, while offering a varied and healthy diet to benefit the wider population.
Enhanced productivity  – Electricity reserves allow for irrigation and lighting of farms and working areas, thus extending working hours and making better use of equipment and facilities. There are opportunities for diversification of farm businesses into fencing, crop processing, food preservation and packing for commercial distribution, ice making and refrigeration.
Economic benefits – Improved yields, the ability to grow lucrative cash crops, and year-round farming generate increased income for farm owners and workers alike. The initial investment and ongoing costs are justified by guaranteed harvests while operational risks are greatly reduced. This enhances the economic growth of the whole community, creating new employment opportunities and supporting local trade.


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Large Wind Turbine

Orenda Skye
50 kW

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Irrigation of cash crops all year
Irrigation of sustenance crops
   out of rainy season
Multi crop farming
Irrigation of orchards
Irrigation of public gardens,
   parks and recreational areas
Irrigation of tourist attractions
Increased farming income
Increased yields
Better quality crops
Much lower water costs
Lower labour costs
Lower energy costs
Ability to generate compost
Ability to re-invest in farming
Ability to buy improved inputs
Environmental benefits

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