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Drip irrigation, also known as micro-irrigation or trickle irrigation, is a remarkable water use technology that brings together best practices for the targeted, intelligent application of water, fertiliser and agro-chemicals. First developed decades ago, it is now commonly used all over the world in agricultural, nursery, greenhouse, landscape and industrial applications.

Recent major advances in drip irrigation technology have come from manufacturers based in California and Australia where the harsh heat makes targeted irrigation cost effective. These climates are similar to many of those seen in sub-Saharan Africa thereby allowing a very effective transfer of technical know how.

In recent years, the demand for drip irrigation has grown rapidly as technology is demonstrably proving that it can alleviate the serious problems associated with inefficient water use.


With global warming and climate change a growing reality it is more important than ever to use water resources wisely and to irrigate intelligently. Investors and farm owners do enjoy improved profitability with drip irrigation from increased crop yields and quality, whilst reducing costs, labour, chemical inputs and water runoff.

Many farmers also enjoy significant water and capital investment savings and dramatically improved crop success by using drip irrigation to deliver water and nutrients directly to plant roots. This ensures runoff, leaching and the wetting of non-targeted areas such as roads and pavements, buildings, plant leaves and tree trunks, are avoided or completely eliminated.

NEW ERA ENERGY is pleased offer a full irrigation and pumping product portfolio from industry leading manufacturers and innovators including TORO Agricultural Micro and Drip Irrigation Solutions as well as Lorentz and Grundfos Surface and Submersible Pump Systems.

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NEW ERA ENERGY can deliver
full turn key drip irrigation
systems including:

Water supply:
   Inlet water filtration
   High-efficiency pumps
   Sand separator

System pressuring:
   Non-return valves
   Optional pressurising pump
   Sand filter
   Pressure adjustment valves
   Optional pressure control

Water conditioning:
   Screen filter
   Water conditioning tanks
   Fertiliser tanks and feed

Distribution system:
   Main water line
   Ball separating valves
   Sub-main lines
   Drip-lines Flush valves

System management tools:
   Automated controllers
   Manual and automated valves

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