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Hospitals can use both wind and solar energy


Electricity is an essential commodity in all healthcare facilities. It is required for lighting, heat management (cooling and heating), electronic diagnostic tools, medical equipment, communication, computing and to refrigerate medical supplies and vaccines. Without these indispensable tools, the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria cannot be won in sub-Saharan Africa.
NEW ERA ENERGY can supply and connect together multiple powerful wind turbines that will provide sufficient reliable electricity for a wide range of health facilities. Typically, these facilities only receive a fraction of the electricity they require and as a consequence, many patients are not getting the treatment they need.
Wind power is available all day and is not restricted to daylight hours. A well-designed wind-powered solution can, therefore, provide a viable renewable energy source for health facilities that require power 24 hours a day.
Our interconnected large turbines have been designed specifically for the low to mid-wind environments of Nigeria and will generate sufficient electricity for hospital facilities from as low as 4 m/s. We can connect any number of turbines but our analysis suggests that, on average, three of our large turbines should be enough to power even a tertiary hospital if power consumption patterns are well managed.
All our 50 kW turbines can be raised and lowered within one hour using built-in hydraulic rams. This makes maintenance quick and cost effective, resulting in minimal disruption to vital health services.


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