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Sub-Saharan agriculture is typically characterised by the farming of a few sustenance crops (typically grains with low water requirements) that are grown in one rainy season. These crops have poor yields and low values. As a result, farmers typically earn so little that it is impossible to invest in agricultural inputs and adopt new practices that would help them break out of poverty.
Access to a substantial, reliable supply of ground water can revolutionise agricultural practices in arid rural regions. As a result of irrigation, farmers can diversify their crops and benefit from increased yields and superior quality of produce. Our large wind turbines have the capacity to pump several hundred cubic metres of water from deep boreholes each day, and up to two thousand cubic metres from reservoirs and river basins. This enables effective and productive large-scale commercial irrigation plants and farms to be built.
Our conservative estimates and farm designs illustrate that significant improvements in farmers’ incomes can be achieved by providing water for irrigation all year round. In addition to wind turbines, NEW ERA ENERGY can also supply the world’s best drip and sprinkler irrigation systems to ensure optimal water use. The large wind turbines start working at very low wind speeds, from as low as 3 m/s, and produce significant amounts of energy at prevailing wind speeds. [M5]
Being able to power commercial irrigation independently of the national grid is a breakthrough that can improve farming income substantially, with a very short investment payback period.


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