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Deep well technology gives access to fresh water across all of Nigeria. With ground water table levels being between 40 to 70 metres below ground, a substantial amount of energy is needed to pump it to the surface.
Our small, medium and large wind turbines provide free, renewable energy. They use the latest technology to make the most of available wind and produce energy to drive electric submersible pumps to raise large amounts of water from borehole wells.
Wind-turbine-driven pumping solutions are very simple, only requiring a suitable turbine and minimal external components. Our turbines can drive the surface pumps directly and if required, a battery pack can be added to guarantee water supply on days with no or low winds. Water can also be pumped to a storage tank and released via simple gravity-fed systems.
The small wind turbines work with very low wind speeds, starting as low as 3 m/s. The small wind-turbine-powered pumps can pump up to 30,000 litres of water per day from a 50 metre deep borehole and are an excellent choice for small to medium-scale borehole water pumping.
The inherent design, long service life – up to twenty years – and limited number of system components make these surface water pumping solutions very reliable and in need of little maintenance.
In Nigeria, there are tens of thousands of diesel-generator-powered boreholes. Wind-powered borehole solutions are many times cheaper. Generators don’t need to be regularly replaced, diesel doesn’t need to be purchased and future price increases do not need to be allowed for.


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